Hi! I’m Connie and I am all about becoming completely debt free by the end of 2016.  This includes $25,000 in student loan debt that I have been carrying since 2001.  You heard that right, it has been 15 years and the balance is virtually the same due to forbearances, tricks student lenders play and of course my lack of making the loans a priority.

I also have about another $50,000 in other debts I owe including a $28,000 truck loan for my construction business and a few credit card balances.  I have been successful in previous years paying off $70,000 in debts from a divorce and a cross country move so I know I can do this again.

I started this blog to keep track of my journey, hold myself accountable and share some of my insights into the credit and collections world as I also spent 25 years in this corporate arena working for banks and lenders.

Thanks for stopping by